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Bogey Hole

About Bogey Hole

The Bogey Hole is a unique, heritage-listed sea bath in Newcastle with a remarkable history. Dating as far back as 1820, it was commissioned by Lieutenant-Colonel James Thomas Morisset – the Commandant at the time – and hewn from sandstone cliffs near Shepherds Hill using convict labour. Its name “Bogey” or “Bogie” purportedly comes from the Dharawal language, meaning “to bathe” or “a place to bathe”, making this oceanfront attraction all the more meaningful for visitors today who come looking to learn and explore its past! Recognized on 21 November 2003 by New South Wales State Heritage Register, The Bogey Hole remains an essential reminder of our city’s rich colonial legacy.

Major James Morisset commissioned convicts to chisel the iconic Bogey Hole from a wave-cut rock platform in 1819, offering him exclusive use of this place. While its exact origins remain unknown, some hypothesize that it may have been an enlargement of a natural Aboriginal site used for bathing – adding more intrigue to its legacy! Renowned as “the Commandant’s Baths“, ‘Bogey Hole’ soon gained traction and became synonymous with Newcastle, embracing the Dharawal word meaning ‘to bathe’.

Bogey hole

What to do at Bogey Hole

Newcastle’s pacific coastal views are a sight to behold, but none more so than the photosque Bogey Hole ocean pool. Nestled at King Edward Park and framed by gorgeous shoreline climes, it is no wonder why this captivating spot has become an Instagrammers favourite. Experience its simple majesty for yourself with a visit to The Bogey Hole next time you’re in town!

Bogey Hole has a storied place in history and is listed on the NSW State Heritage Register for its importance. It may very well be of national significance, as it is potentially the first instance of an ocean swimming pool built for purpose across all of Australia.

Nestled away in the coastal city of Newcastle, NSW, lies a unique and treasured spot – Heritage Listed since 2003. The Bogey Hole has provided locals with many years of fun in the sun, from kids plunging off its rock faces to adults swimming laps or soaking up some warmth on sunny days. But when those inevitable waves crash over it’s edge, everyone clings desperately for their lives as they’re thrown around by powerful ocean swells! A must-see before leaving this beachside metropolis, come one – come all – to witness what makes this special place so extraordinary!

The bogey hole

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