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Many of us lead busy lives these days and cleaning is all a part of that. For some, it is an enjoyable part of the day or week. For most people, cleaning is exactly what it is often labelled as – a chore! That is where we come in. Welcoming Cleaning Lake Macquarie into your home or business is like a breath of fresh air. And we will undoubtedly leave your premises precisely that – fresh!

The Best House Cleaning in Lake Macquarie, NSW

Cleaning Lake Macquarie is a dedicated cleaning business, cleaning anything and everything that you desire. We get homes looking spick and span, offices dusted and scrubbed within an inch of their lives, and houses are given the full once-over at the end of a tenant’s lease. Whether it is house cleaning or any other cleaning service, Cleaning Lake Macquarie is one of the top-rated cleaning businesses in the local area. There is nothing that is too much trouble for our dedicated and highly trained team of professional cleaners.

We tackle all the jobs that you hate. For example, we take care of scrubbing mouldy grout between bathroom tiles and cleaning the toilets. In other words, we will get rid of grease from ovens and dusting those bookshelves. We tend and disinfect workspaces and offices with care, following strict cleaning routines specific to office environments. With everything cleaned and all bases covered, you can relax at home (or at work) fresh in the knowledge that your cleaning is taken care of. You can simply enjoy being in your home without those nagging “I must clean” thoughts getting in the way.

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    About The City of Lake Macquarie

    The City of Lake Macquarie is an area of local governance in New South Wales in the Hunter Region. It was first named as a city in September 1984 and adjacent to Newcastle, another city in the region and found within Greater Newcastle. It is located 93 miles (150km) north of the city of Sydney.

    If you have not visited before, you may be wondering why it is named Lake Macquarie. It may come as no surprise that Lake Macquarie’s main tourist attraction is the lake after which it is named. The lake also has the aboriginal name of Awaba and is the largest saltwater coastal lake in the whole of Australia. Its area spans over 42 square miles (110 km²). There is a channel connecting it to the Tasman Sea. Most of the area’s inhabitants live on its shores.

    Not only is it one of the biggest saltwater lakes in Australia, but it is also one of the most giant saltwater lagoons in the whole of the Southern Hemisphere. Port Stephens, 27 miles northeast, just pips it to the post in size.

    There are many popular suburbs on the coast at Lake Macquarie. These include Caves Beach, Catherine Hill Bay, Redhead, and Blacksmiths Beach. There are prominent retail areas too including Charlestown, Cardiff, Belmont, Swansea, Morisset, Glendale, and Toronto. Charlestown is the largest residential area with almost 12,000 inhabitants.

    Art and Culture Lake Macquarie

    The area of Lake Macquarie is full of art and cultural activities for all the family and all interests and tastes. The Museum of Art and Culture (MAC) at Lake Macquarie has frequent exhibitions as well as adult art classes, kids’ art classes, and its permanent collections.

    One of its collections to the Yapang exhibition. Pronounced ‘yah-pung’, it means a pathway or journey in the Awabakal language. It is a new and dedicated program of exhibits of Aboriginal origin and projects associated with it within the MAC. It celebrates and launches its commitment to showcasing permanent aboriginal collections.

    MAC Local Community Program

    MAC also has a community program called Art in Your Community. Working with community groups, art colleagues, and local artists, it creates exhibitions to showcase in the community exhibition space. Not only is it ideal for artists to exhibit their art, but they can also sell original artwork to visitors. As such the MAC promotes Lake Macquarie City’s creative talent.

    There is also an outdoor sculpture park within the MAC. It is made up of a leafy area totalling five hectares. Launched in 1996, it has developed with the additions of multiple sculptures. It now counts 16 in number including sculptures from artists such as Richard Tipping, Jamie North, Nigel Helyer, Fatu Feu’u, Janet Laurence, Ted Prior, and more besides.

    One of Laurence’s sculptures from 2009 is named Ghost and was inspired by a nearby Eucalyptus citridora. It incorporates layered glass which is imprinted with the image of the tree and reflective steel which evokes the tree’s memory, echoing its surrounding environment.

    Another sculpture, this one by North, is Succession (2016). This has concrete forms evoking the region’s industrial heritage as well as North’s family history.

    To discover these works and others, Visitor Services at the MAC have a free Sculpture Park Discovery Trail. It is ideal for families to enjoy a focussed but leisurely walk around the MAC’s grounds. It is a perfect picnic spot too.

    Australian aboriginal artist painting on a canva

    Lake Macquarie Cruises

    As you may expect, Lake Macquarie hosts a whole range of activities in the area. It boasts 30km of perfect coastline and is twice the size of the Sydney Harbour. Seeing the entire lake would not be possible if it were not for Lake Macquarie Cruises. There are so many options from private charters and public cruises too.

    Lunch on the Lake

    Having lunch on board a beautiful vessel on a beautiful lake is the stuff of dreams. Meander your way through the bays as far as Swansea whilst indulging in a BBQ lunch which includes fresh local fish as well as meats and salads too, not forgetting the delicious petit fours desserts, hot drinks, and alcoholic ones too if you should so desire.

    Sunset Dinner Cruises

    Why not enjoy your evening meal on the lake? A three-hour cruise at sunset is a popular choice on Lake Macquarie. There is a BBQ with fresh and local produce as well as a licenced bar on the boat!

    Boom Net Cruise

    There are fun options on the lake for children or the young at heart too. Setting sail with a boom net, you can splash about or relax and watch the children enjoy themselves.

    Loop the Lake

    Another popular choice to experience the fabulous wildlife and scenery that the lake offers is the Loop the Lake Cruise. This cruise, as you may have guessed, loops the lake! You can enjoy your morning tea along the eastern side and arrive at an excellent spot for a hot lunch at the Wangi Workers Club. Completing the loop involves having so little sweets en route too.

    Some Suburbs in Lake Macquarie

    There are three main towns in the Lake Macquarie area: Morisset, Belmont, and Toronto.

    Picture of a kangaroo at Morriset Psychiatric Hospital


    A suburb of the City of Lake Macquarie and commercial centre, it has a small population of around 2850 people. The area does have approximately ten times that population and is growing each year. The town was named after an army Major who camped in the area in 1823 whilst he was travelling between Sydney and Newcastle. There was a settlement here as early as 1826, around 3 miles from the current town’s position. The area was mostly based on agriculture and then forestry. The railway between Sydney and Newcastle is what caused the existing village to spring up in 1887.

    Wooding pier Sunset at Belmont, City of Lake Macquarie.


    Another suburb, Belmont is located on a peninsula jutting separating Lake Macquarie from the Tasman Sea on the eastern side. It is 12 miles or 20km south of Newcastle. Aboriginal people from the Awakabal tribe originally inhabited the local area.

    Belmont’s name derives from a small town in the Shetland Islands of Scotland, named due to the third settler in the area, Thomas Williamson in 1865. It is now home to over 7,000 people.

    Twilight at Toronto suburb, Lake Macquarie. The is a boat moored on the bank


    A suburb on the lake, Toronto is around 28km or 17 miles from the centre of Newcastle, New South Wales. It is a commercial centre for the suburban sprawl on the lake’s western shore. It is the main centre in the LGA of the City of Lake Macquarie with a population of around 5,600.

    The first people here were the Awabakal, an Aboriginal tribe. Its modern name is in honour of the Canadian city to give thanks to Edward Hanlan who visited Australia in the late 19th Century and was a world champion in sculling.

    Our Local Cleaning Services

    Cleaning Lake Macquarie offers a wide range of cleaning services that will do pretty much any cleaning job you desire. From homes to offices, one-off cleans, deep cleans, and end of lease cleans, Cleaning Lake Macquarie takes it all on.

    No matter the condition of the property, our dedicated cleaning service team will tackle it head-on. There is no job that is too big, too complicated, or too dirty for our team of professional cleaners. Many of our clients want regular house cleans, or office cleans, but do not be swayed if you want a one-off clean or an end-of-lease clean. Every job is important to us, and our standards are second to none. This is why we are fast becoming one of the most sought-after cleaning companies in the Lake Macquarie area.

    House Cleaning

    Cleaning homes make up a large part of what we do at Cleaning Lake Macquarie. Many of us find that, at the end of the day or week, we just do not have the time, energy, or inclination to start our cleaning. This is where we come in.

    Cleaning Lake Macquarie tackles home cleaning day in day out. It is our bread and butter. There is no residential house cleaning job that we have not seen before. As such, you can rest assured that we can take on your home clean and give you spotless results without worry. We can clean to your specific requirements, whether you want us to focus on a particular part of your home or do the whole lot, and whether you need us weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. We clean all aspects of your home: bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, appliances, bedrooms, living spaces, high-touch areas, and more besides. Contact us today to discuss your needs, and we can be on our way to helping you achieve that show-home appearance.

    Cleaning Lake Macquarie staff wiping a glass shower screen

    One-Off Cleaning Services in Lake Macquarie

    As a leading cleaning company in the Lake Macquarie area, we are often recommended by our regular clients for one-off cleaning in both residential and office environments. Professional cleaning does not have to be a regular thing with Cleaning Lake Macquarie. We keep the same professional standards for our one-off cleaning clients as we do for our regular clients. Whether it is an office or home, we are happy to take on your one-off clean.

    Many of our clients choose one-off cleaning before and/or after a big event in their homes, such as before a party or wedding. We often do a one-off clean after the same event too, depending on the level of cleaning needed and the type of event. Whatever your circumstances, Cleaning Lake Macquarie can help you to get your place spick and span.

    Staff from Cleaning Lake Macquarie company vacuuming a rug for a one-off services
    Maid from Cleaning Lake Macquarie vacuuming a rug in a living room

    End of Lease Cleaning

    As a part of our house cleaning services, Cleaning Lake Macquarie offers specific end-of-lease cleaning. When your tenancy in a property is coming to an end, and you want to ensure the return of your bond, having a spotlessly clean home is essential. This is where we come in.

    Our professional team takes on the job at the end of your lease once you have removed all your belongings, but before you return the keys to the landlord. As such, you can be sure that every nook and cranny of the property has been thoroughly cleaned, ready for new residents and ensuring your deposit is returned to you. Landlords themselves have been so impressed with our services that they are now recommending us to their tenants before they leave! It is one of the reasons why we are fast becoming the best cleaning service in the Lake Macquarie area, according to our clients.

    Picture taken from above of a cleaner wiping an office desk

    Lake Macquarie Office Cleaning

    Cleaning Lake Macquarie also takes on commercial cleaning services such as office cleaning regularly. Our specialist team of commercial cleaners is well-trained in cleaning such areas, including the cleaning of electronic equipment such as computers, screens, and desk telephones. We are also discreet and thorough in our processes, ensuring that we comply with all confidentiality measures set out by our clients. Our team of cleaners dusts, vacuums, wipes down and disinfects high-touch surfaces and areas, polishes, cleans windows and doors, and empties bins, amongst other things. We even clean the air vents, the office toilets, and get stuck into your office fridges if you so require.

    We take on office cleaning jobs on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis depending on your requirements. Contact us today to discuss your commercial cleaning needs and see how we can help you and your business.

    Contact a Lake Macquarie Cleaner Today

    If you are interested in any of our home cleaning, office cleaning, end of lease cleaning, deep cleaning, or one-off cleaning services, contact us today to discuss your needs, and we will see what we can do for you. We have a dedicated customer services team that is fully versed in our cleaning methods and services, so we are ready and waiting to assist you. There is no cleaning job too big or too small for Cleaning Lake Macquarie!

    Cleaners from Cleaning Lake Macquarie services rubbing a toilet seat

    Deep Cleaning

    For many of our regular clients, a regular clean is all good and well, but at certain times, only a deep clean will do. We carry out deep cleans on a seasonal, monthly, or even yearly basis depending on our clients’ needs. A deep clean, as you might suspect, goes above and beyond our regular home or office cleans. Whilst your weekly cleaning may include certain elements being deep cleaned, a full deep clean could consist of a clean of all your appliances. Likewise, I could also include your shower grouting, complete carpet cleaning, and more besides, depending on your requirements.

    Domestic cleaning is what we do, and deep cleaning is an essential part of that. Whether you want a spring clean, a deep clean before family come to stay before the festive seasons, or just want to get back on track with cleaning, contact us today to see what we can do for you.

    Local Cleaners you can Rely on in Lake Macquarie, NSW.

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