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Newcastle Memorial Walk

About Newcastle Memorial Walk

Newcastle Memorial Walk is a tribute to both the sacrifices of Australian soldiers in World War I and the start of steel making in this city. The walk opened its gates on 2015 as part of centenary celebrations for ANZAC Landings at Gallipoli, with 64 tonnes of stainless steel honouring each element’s significance. It stands now as an enduring reminder to cherish our history and commemorate those who fought before us.

Nestled along the stunning Strzelecki Lookout, The Newcastle Memorial Walk is an awe-inspiring tribute to Hunter Valley men and women who served in World War I. This 160-metre bridge honours these brave warriors with steel silhouettes that line its path while also proudly displaying almost 11,000 of their names – leading visitors through a powerful reminder of our past heroes all the way up to another spectacular viewing platform at its end.

Memorial walk

What to do at Newcastle Memorial Walk

Newcastle Memorial Walk provides an incredible opportunity to connect with and reflect upon the history while also enjoying the stunning views of Bathers Way. At all hours of operation, visitors can enjoy a six-kilometre coastal walk from Nobbys Beach down to Merewether beach in style – thanks to its illuminated pathways after dark. With the importance placed on imparting knowledge and creating memories for future generations alike, this memorial represents one of Newcastle’s most impressive recent developments.

A beautiful tribute to the Hunter Valley’s WWI veterans, Newcastle Memorial Walk is an incredible sight. People can wind their way around 64 tonnes of stainless steel as they take in spectacular views along the dramatic cliff-top coastline and gaze into the picturesque Hunter Valley beyond. The impressive bridge features nearly 4,000 family names inscribed on silhouettes of soldiers commemorating almost 11,000 enlisted men and women from this proud region who served during World War I. From here, you will also find access to Council’s Bathers Way Promenade – a breathtaking six-kilometre coastal walk between Merewether Ocean Baths and Nobbys Beach.

Memorial walk

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