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Cleaners Newcastle - Cleaning Company

Are you searching for reputable cleaners in Newcastle? Cleaning is the most crucial task in your home. It makes your space more comfortable. Besides, regular cleaning eliminates bacteria and germs, improving your family health. However, most people don’t have time for cleaning, or they are to tire after day work. If you are one of them, reach out to Cleaners Newcastle.

Local Cleaners you can Rely on in Newcastle, NSW.

Are you looking for cleaning in Newcastle? Welcome to Cleaners Newcastle! You have come to the right place. Located in Newcastle, New South Wales, we are a leading local cleaning company offering cleaning services of any description, no matter how big or small.

We offer home cleaning, office cleaning, one-off cleans, end-of-lease cleaning, and deep cleaning, to mention a few of our services. No cleaning job is too tricky for Cleaners Newcastle. We pride ourselves on the high quality of our cleaning.

Our team is one of the most experienced and highest-rated cleaning teams in the Newcastle area. Well-trained team members ensure that our work is professional and thorough. When it comes to health and safety, we employ stringent practices for your reassurance (and ours too!). It is no wonder we are popular and amongst the leading cleaning companies in the Newcastle area. Our testimonials and reviews speak for themselves. Why not take a look?

From one-off oven cleans to regular full office cleans, get in touch with us today, and we will work with you to meet all your cleaning needs.

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    Cleaners Newcastle Trust Badges
    Olga M. from Tighes Hill, 2297

    “I booked a home cleaning visit with Cleaners Newcastle ready for a family visit from overseas. I had read the testimonials and reviews, so I knew to expect a high standard, but what I got was so much more! To be honest, I have never had seen the place so spotless! I would thoroughly recommend Cleaners Newcastle, especially if you want your wood floor cleaning! Mine is now immaculate!”.

    About Us Cleaners Newcastle

    Cleaners Newcastle does exactly what our name suggests! We clean in the Newcastle Area. From house cleaning to office cleaning, we do it all.
    Cleaners Newcastle started small and grew to the team that we are today, tackling a vast array of domestic and commercial jobs. We are now amongst the most popular cleaning companies in the area. There is no cleaning job that we cannot handle.

    We understand that finding a cleaning company that you can trust can be a little daunting, especially if you are letting someone into your home. You may have searched around and have not been sure of whom to trust. Your search can stop here now that you have found Cleaners Newcastle.

    Above all, professional and dedicated, there is nothing more that we like to see that a sparkling clean home or office. We pride ourselves on having the highest standards. A remaining smudge or speck of dust is something that you will not need to worry about with Cleaners Newcastle.

    Contact us today to see how we can provide the cleaning solutions to your cleaning needs.


    Cleaners Newcastle: Our Services

    Cleaners Newcastle offers all types of domestic and commercial cleaning services. From small, one-off cleaning jobs to regular full commercial cleaning, Cleaners Newcastle can undertake it all.
    Our full range of cleaning services is extensive. We can provide:

    • Home cleaning services
    • End of Lease cleaning
    • Office Cleaning
    • Deep Cleaning

    For instance, if you are unsure whether we can fulfil your required cleaning job, contact us today to discuss it. Chances are, if it needs cleaning, Cleaners Newcastle can clean it! Please have a closer look at each of our service pages for more information.

    Most importantly, Cleaners Newcastle always uses top quality products and materials when carrying out our cleaning service. We will always endeavour to meet your needs if there is something specific that you would like us to use in your home or office. Nothing is too much to ask.

    House Cleaning in Newcastle and The Hunter Region

    Are you fed up with trying to fit a spot of cleaning into your busy schedule? Do you always put off your cleaning until it seems an impossible task? Don’t know where to start when cleaning your home? If the answer to any of the above is ‘yes!’, it might be time to consider Cleaners Newcastle to give you a helping hand!

    House cleaning is what we do. In other words, no home is too big, too dirty, or too dusty for us. We love getting stuck right in and making a home shine and sparkle as if it were brand new.

    Our home cleaning services make up a large part of our workload. We are therefore highly experienced and have the expertise to get anything and everything cleaned to the best possible standard. That is to say; tricky jobs are no problem! And you do not need to be worried about how dirty or dusty your home is. We can guarantee that we have seen it all before. It is how we have come to do our job so well.

    We take on all aspects of house cleaning Barrie:

    • kitchens
    • bathrooms
    • All other rooms
    • carpets
    • Wooden flooring
    • High-touch areas
    • windows
    • doors
    • Ovens and appliances
    • And more besides! 

    We clean your home to your requirements and can do so as frequently as you require or as a one-off clean. How long we spend cleaning your home will depend on the size of your property and its condition. Of course, if we provide a house clean for you regularly, it will not take as long as less regular cleans.

    Cleaner vacuuming a fabric couch for a house cleaning services

    One-Off Cleaning Services

    Are you hosting a party? Got behind on the cleaning? Had some problematic tenants in a property, and they have left it in a state? Whatever the reason, Cleaners Newcastle is happy to take on one-off cleaning jobs. Our team of dedicated and professional cleaners has tackled every conceivable cleaning job before, so if you need a clean as a one-off, we are more than happy to take it on!

    Every clean we do is to the highest of standards. A regular client and a one-off client would receive the same high-standard clean as each other. Many of our customers choose one-off cleaning once a year to give their home that much-needed boost so that they can keep on top of their regular cleaning themselves. Other clients ask us to clean before they host an event at home when they are busy making further arrangements.

    Often our one-off cleaning services come from recommendations from family and friends. Many of our regular clients started as having a one-off clean and were so impressed that their one-off clean has turned into a regular clean! However, there is no pressure from us for you to turn a one-off clean into a regular one. We are happy to take your lead.

    Our one-off cleans are thorough and to your specifications. If you need something specific, we will be happy to discuss it with you, whatever your circumstances. Our dedicated customer services team are ready and waiting to take your call and will only be too glad to discuss your requirements in more detail.

    Person Cleaning and mopping floor in an office
    Brodie U. from Adamstown, 2289

    “If you are looking for a professional cleaning service, then look no further. I have employed Cleaners Newcastle to clean my office spaces since my old cleaning firm stopped trading. I have to say, I have noticed a massive improvement in standards. My team of staff has seen it too. In fact, everyone is enjoying being in the office so much more! It looks and smells clean every day, and I am so impressed with their work. Thank you, Cleaners Newcastle!”.

    Maid wiping bathroom walls

    End of Lease Cleaning and Bond Cleaning

    When a tenancy or lease on a property comes to an end, many landlords or property owners rightly insist on tenants leaving the property in a clean condition. If a tenant fails to do this, landlords often withhold returning deposits to the tenants.

    Many people choose to clean the property themselves at the end of a lease. However, this takes considerable time and time is precious when you are moving out of one property and into another. This is where Cleaners Newcastle comes in to provide the best cleaning service for your end of lease needs.

    As a cleaning company, Cleaners Newcastle has many specialities and End of Lease Cleaning is one of them. We leave no stone unturned in our thorough cleans. You can hand over to us and trust us with that all-important final clean before you hand back the keys to your landlord. With our End of Lease cleaning service, you can be sure that you will have done your utmost to secure your deposit’s return.

    According to end of lease cleaning Melbourne, it may take some time to do an end of lease clean. This will depend on the condition of the property when we arrive and how large the property is. Contact us within plenty of time of your lease end date so that we can be sure to leave enough time to do our full end of lease clean. Why not get in touch today to see how we can help you with your end of lease cleaning needs?

    Cleaner mopping floor in commercial building

    Office Cleaning and Commercial Services

    No matter the size of your office, Cleaners Newcastle can provide one-off or regular office cleaning to ensure that your workforce is always comfortable and safe. We all know that busy office environment are often the breeding ground of many bugs and viruses. Having regular office cleans from Cleaners Newcastle will ensure that your workspace is as clean as possible, limiting workforce illness and subsequent absence too.

    Firstly, our office cleaning service ensures that all surfaces, high-touch areas, floors, doors, and windows are spotless. Keyboards, laptops, phones, and touch-screen devices are often a breeding ground for bacteria and dust. Our team is expertly trained in cleaning office-specific equipment, including digital and computing equipment too.

    There is no need to worry about the safety of cleaning electronics where Cleaners Newcastle is concerned. We do not cut corners, and every surface is cleaned to perfection. Additionally, our team of cleaners always use appropriate cleaning products and materials that are suitable for office equipment.

    Secondly, depending on your business’s needs, we can provide daily, weekly, or monthly cleaning at times to suit you. Early mornings or later evenings are all possible with Cleaners Newcastle. Contact us to discuss our commercial cleaning services, and we will work with you in finding the solutions and frequencies that will suit you and your business.

    A Few Of Our Happy Customers

    “I first came across the Cleaners Newcastle cleaning business when I visited my friend’s home and commented on how perfectly clean it was. It was then she let me into a little secret: that Cleaners Newcastle had done all the work! I was seriously impressed. I didn’t hesitate to contact them myself, and I was soon booked in for a deep clean. It did not disappoint. I still can’t believe this is my home. After years of neglect, I had forgotten the colour of my kitchen and bathroom tiles. Never have they looked so vibrant. I feel in better health too. So much so, I’ve booked them in for regular cleans from now on. I will not let myself slip into my old ways whilst Cleaners Newcastle is around!”

    Juliet P.

    “I work full-time and have a busy household with a husband and three children. The cleaning routine was getting on top of me, and so I followed the advice of a friend and contacted Cleaners Newcastle. At first, I was ashamed of the state that my home was in, but I needn’t have worried. The cleaners that worked on my home were professional and friendly. They told me they had seen it all before. Now, I feel like all my at-home stress has eased. I get back to a crystal clean home every time”.

    Monique T.

    “I live alone and am of an age where cleaning is becoming somewhat tricky. I really look forward to Cleaners Newcastle coming. The staff are professional and friendly and always leave my home squeaky clean. I have regular home cleans and a deep clean in the spring. It gives me so much enjoyment being at home when it is left so spotless. I recommend Cleaners Newcastle to everyone that I speak with. I feel like they have given me a part of my life back!”.

    Nora F.
    Two cleaners mopping floor and dusting

    Deep Cleaning Newcastle

    Perhaps a room or property has been left empty for an extended period. Or maybe the home, space, or office has simply not been cleaned properly in a while. Perhaps it is just time for that spring clean? Sometimes, a regular clean does not scratch the surface. Whatever the reason, sometimes only a deep clean will do.

    Our deep cleaning service is an addition to our domestic cleaning services. We can do one-off deep cleans or add a deep clean onto our regular weekly cleaning. A deep clean takes time and patience, but the result is an immaculate home, even in all the places most people would not dare to look.

    Cleaners Newcastle’s deep clean includes the cleaning of the insides of cupboards, appliances, and under and behind furniture. There will be no stone left unturned after one of our deep cleans. Each deep cleaning job will be planned and will depend on the size and condition of the property. What you can be sure of is that no matter the original condition, the end result will be the same: spotless in every possible nook and cranny.

    To sum up, why not contact Cleaners Newcastle today to discuss your deep cleaning needs? We promise you it will be worth it! Your home will be so clean that you will be the envy of all your family friends.

    Get In Contact With Cleaners Newcastle

    No matter the type of clean you are looking for, our dedicated Customer Services team are waiting for your call. Cleaners Newcastle has a team of committed, highly experienced staff who are ready to answer all your cleaning queries.

    Firstly, we always strive to arrange and complete your cleaning jobs in the time that you need. Secondly, our professional team of cleaners is raring to go. Furthermore, we only employ those who are skilled, experienced in their work, and who share our core principles and values. Whether you are looking for home cleaning or office cleaning, why not contact us today to discuss your cleaning needs?

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    Local Cleaners you can Rely on in Newcastle, NSW.

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