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Office Cleaning Newcastle

Are you searching for an Office Cleaning Service in the region? Cleaners Newcastle is a team of local cleaners who also carry out commercial cleaning jobs. Our services are not only local but come highly recommended by many. We are not just any commercial cleaning company, Cleaners Newcastle is professional, highly qualified, and highly experienced in all kinds of office cleaning. For perfect cleaning to give your company that sparkling clean office that you covet, contact Cleaners Newcastle right away.

Find out about our Office Cleaning Services in Newcastle

Cleaners Newcastle takes on all aspects of commercial cleaning in the Newcastle area of New South Wales. No office clean is too much for us. We will meet your requirements and then some! 

We tailor our office cleaning services to our clients’ needs. Some are:

  • Regular cleaning on a daily or weekly basis as required
  • Office deep cleans, or spring cleans
  • Office building cleaning 
  • Commercial kitchen cleaning
  • Commercial floor cleaning
  • An eco clean, using specific ecological products
  • And much more besides!

In other words, no matter your requirements, Cleaners Newcastle will work with your needs to offer you a personalized cleaning service. Our services not only will meet your needs but also fits your timescales and budget. 

Our cleaning team is already to tackle any job. We are a professional organization that is not only discreet but also highly experience in cleaning delicate office equipment. If you would like to find out more, read our Contact Us section below. 

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    Why choose Newcastle Office Cleaning Services?

    For professional office cleaners, Cleaners Newcastle will provide the utmost in standards in cleanliness and professionalism. Our tailored cleaning services can include any requests, including electronic and commercial equipment cleaning, specialist cleaning, and even eco-cleaning.

    Additionally, this is all accompanied by our essential and elite cleaning routine. Our cleaners are methodical in their approach, working around the office in an organized and timely manner. They take care to be careful and discreet in busy working environments where required. With us, there is no stone left unturned in terms of cleanliness and professionalism. Read below as to how to contact us today!


    What Does an Office Cleaner Do?

    Firstly, our office cleaners are all highly experienced and trained in how to clean office environments. Commercial cleaning has some specific differences to home cleaning, and all our professional cleaners know how to tackle these differences.

    Secondly, we are careful with the products that we use around office equipment and electronics. We ensure that we always clean high-touch areas such as keyboards, computer mice, telephones, touch screen devices, and keypads. As well as this delicate cleaning, our office cleaners all regular tackle cleaning. This included all surfaces, emptying and cleaning bins, office toilet areas, office kitchen or sink areas, desks, internal doors and windows, and any flooring. To sum up, we tailor our cleaning to suit our clients’ needs.

    How do you professionally clean an office?

    We take the utmost caution in our cleaning. Our cleaners have professional standards that they adhere too. Our company always use personal protective equipment in office environments and work methodically depending on the office layout.

    We are thorough in our work. We often begin by dusting before cleaning surfaces. All high-touch surfaces are treated with disinfectant for our clients’ health and safety. We even go so far as vacuuming any air vents so that your workers can breathe more easily.

    Cleaning trolley park at the entrance hall of a commercial building where the elevator doors are

    What does commercial cleaning mean?

    Commercial cleaning is typically cleaning for a company or business rather than in a residential environment. It can include cleaning commercial waste, hazardous cleaning, or heavy-duty cleaning. Commercial cleaning is quite specific. It can also include cleaning more equipment and even machinery, which would not be typically found in a home. Commercial cleaning deals with a different kind of clientele and other conditions to residential cleaning companies.

    Person polishing a marble tile floor with a machine for a commercial cleaning services
    Cleaner using blue globes wiping an office monitor with a yellow cloth for a commercial cleaning services

    Why Is It Important to Use an Office Cleaning Agency?

    Using an Agency will mean that you can rest assured that the cleaning company is highly trusted and respected in the industry. They will have many positive reviews and legitimate testimonials to support their work. The cleaners will need to meet specific standards to be registered with the agency. As a result, you will be guaranteed to receive an excellent and thorough service.

    Maid wiping a monitor for an office cleaning services in Newcastle, NSW

    What Is the Cost of Office Cleaning?

    In the Newcastle area, office cleaning can cost in the region of $32 per hour. More superficial routine cleaning including wiping surfaces, vacuuming, emptying bins can come in a little lower than this. Of course, each office clean comes with its particularities, and each company has its cleaning requirements. This is why Cleaners Newcastle tailor our services to meet our clients’ needs. We provide detailed quotations once we have visited your office space and discussed the cleaning requirements.

    Contact us and find out more about our Services

    Our team of Customer Service experts is waiting to take your calls and answer your emails. Whatever you require in terms of commercial cleaning, Cleaners Newcastle can adapt and tailor our cleaning routines to meet your individual office needs. Why not get in touch and see what we can do for you and your office? Check out carpet cleaner leeds.

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