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End of Lease Cleaning

Are you moving out of your rental property? Do you need to make sure that your home or flat is spotless to get your deposit back? We all know that end of lease cleaning is an arduous task. It is not a simple case of wiping everything down. Cleaners Newcastle is here to give you a helping hand with your bond cleaning so you can hand over the keys with confidence.

One Bedroom - A$472.50

Two Bedrooms - A$537.50

Three Bedrooms - A$602.50

Four Bedrooms - A$667.50

Carpet Cleaning - A$195.00

Professional End of Lease Cleaning Services in Newcastle

Here in the Newcastle area of New South Wales, Cleaners Newcastle is one of the most highly rated and popular cleaning companies around. Our local cleaning services help our clients to get their property sparkling clean ready for the moving day. As well as general cleaning, our bond cleaning is one of our most popular services.

Moving home can be stressful enough without the added worry of not having your rental deposit returned. Our team of professionals has much experience in move out cleaning. They know just how to make sure everything is as clean as it needs to be when you hand over your keys.

There will be no area of the property that has not been cleaned thoroughly. With Cleaners Newcastle you can be sure that you will have received a professional cleaning job that beats all others. Your landlord will undoubtedly thank you for it.

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    Why choose Newcastle End of Lease Cleaning Services?

    Cleaners Newcastle End of Tenancy cleaning services are second to none. Our reviews and testimonials speak for themselves. With Cleaners Newcastle you are getting the most professional of services by a team of highly qualified and experienced individuals.

    We are a highly sought-after cleaning company and come mostly on recommendations from others. Many people use us as their regular cleaning contractor and when they move home. They choose for us to complete their end of tenancy cleaning too.

    Whether you are a regular, we have a cleaning promise to our end of lease clients. We will make your property sparkling clean. Sparkle cleaning services’ is what one client called us!


    How Long Will End of Lease Cleaning Take?

    This is a difficult question to answer without having any further information.

    • How big is your property?
    • Is it empty?
    • What condition is the property in?
    • Will you need appliances cleaning?

    Every end of lease clean is different. But what you can be sure of is that we will get the job done in the quickest possible time without compromising our standards. For us to be able to answer this question accurately for your property, contact our customer service team today. They will be happy to help answer your questions.

    • Cleaning soap scum and scale from taps, showerheads, and tiles
    • Cleaning grime and dust from behind appliances
    • Work on cleaning doors and interior windows
    • Cleaning the inside of appliances such as the oven and refrigerator. 

    What is bond cleaning?

    End of Lease Cleaning is a service that Cleaners Newcastle provides as a one-off or as a part of a regular cleaning contract. Many people contact us when they are moving from a rental home so that we can carry out one of our professional cleans. This is so that the property is handed back to the landlord or property agency in the best possible condition. In other words, your bond deposit is returned.

    Picture of a wooden floor with a blue bucket and mop at the front and a vacuum with cleaning product at the back

    Can I do end of tenancy cleaning myself?

    Yes. Many people choose to carry out the end of tenancy cleaning themselves. However, when you are moving home, it is relatively easy to underestimate time. For instance, we never think how much time it will take to move your belongings and clean the property once it is emptied. This is why we exist. Cleaners Newcastle takes on this role. Once you have emptied the property, you can leave the cleaning to us. In other words, you can be on your way without having to worry about fitting in any extra tasks.

    Empty flat recently cleaned by End of Lease Cleaning Newcastle
    Picture taken from the ceiling of a cleaner vacuuming a couch in an end of lease cleaning services

    How clean do you need to leave a rental property?

    Most landlords or agents insist that you leave a property as you found it when you moved in. That is to say, as you would expect to see it as you arrive as a new tenant. It is not only common courtesy to clean as you leave, but it is also standard practice if you want your bond back. If you are unsure of what to expect regarding how to clean to leave the property, ask the property owner to clarify. Or, better still, clean it to a professional standard regardless and there will not be any problems further down the line.

    Residential living room unit lighted with LED. There are some furniture like sofa, coffee table and TV

    How Much Does a House Cleaning Cost in Newcastle, NSW?

    Every property is different in size, number of bathrooms, and how much cleaning it needs. It would be wise to contact us directly to discuss how much a move-out clean would cost.

    However, move-out cleaning services can generally cost from $470 for smaller homes. On the other hand, for huge properties that are in poor condition, the cost could go above $1,000. On average, your standard house cleaning rates for an end-of-lease clean sit around $450 to $850.

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