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Merewether Ocean Baths

About Merewether Ocean Baths

With its gorgeous coastline, Newcastle is privileged to have two iconic ocean baths – the historic Merewether Ocean Baths and the nearby Newcastle Ocean. Both bathhouses, fortified by a long-standing tradition of swimming excellence in Newcastle, are open year-round for everyone to enjoy! The majestic Merewether facility opened up shop in 1935, while the beautiful—and even longer standing —Newcastle pool was first available in 1922 – so make sure you come down soon for your dip into history!

With a stunning coastline and beachfront, Newcastle, NSW, has the perfect destination for anyone looking to take advantage of its waters. The Merewether Ocean Baths sitting along this stretch offer premier swimming experiences with recently renovated facilities boasting two pools – one deep main pool and another shallower option ideal for kids – as well as lane dividers, picturesque views of surrounding headland and plenty of nearby amenities. Whether you’re an eager swimmer or want to enjoy the beauty that lies ahead at these beloved baths, do not miss out on your chance diving into what they have to offer!

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What to do at Merewether Ocean Baths

Since 1935, Merewether Ocean Baths have been an iconic part of Australia’s summer scene. Whether you’re looking to cool off in the largest ocean baths in the Southern Hemisphere or want a peaceful place for some wave-free frolicking and indulging with friends, this coastal haven is perfect! And if photography is your thing, don’t forget to capture its captivating lanes at sunrise – it will be worth it when locals are doing their laps alongside what could soon become one of your best shots yet.

Located along the beautiful New South Wales coast, Merewether Ocean Baths are open all year round for a refreshing dip. Working to ensure both the availability and cleanliness of these facilities simultaneously, we strive every week to ensure our guests have an enjoyable experience with minimal disruption from maintenance or cleaning tasks.

Newcastle’s Merewether Ocean Baths are a popular destination for more than just swimming. From fashion shoots and motion picture filming to major sporting events and wedding parties, the baths were invaluable while providing stunning views of beautiful nearby beaches. Art can also be found at these historic oceanic oases, which have become beloved staples in local communities across New South Wales.

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One local company in Newcastle that is involved in this tourist attraction;

Name: Cleaners Newcastle
Address Newcastle: 3/82 Selwyn Street Merewether NSW 2291
Phone: (02) 4003 6067

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