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Tips on how to clean better and more efficiently

As you can see, cleaning your commercial space or office isn’t just about taking a mop to the floor. It’s also about making sure that everything in your area is dust free and germ-free so that it doesn’t spread any germs or bacteria throughout the house. This blog post compiled by Newcastle Cleaners will help you understand how you can clean your commercial or office in Newcastle.

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Always start with a space that is easy to clean.

Should choose a commercial or office space depending on the type of work being carried out. If your commercial or office is open to customers, it’s best to choose a commercial cleaning company with experience in commercial and retail spaces.

Starting in a space that is easy to clean will make your cleaning job more manageable. Starting with a clean surface will make your job much easier! Commercial Cleaning Newcastle has experience with both commercial and retail spaces, so you can rest assured that they can help you no matter what commercial cleaning needs you might have.

What not to do when cleaning?

Don’t use chemicals or solvents for cleaning that is stronger than the commercial cleaners you’re using! Commercial Cleaning Newcastle can provide commercial cleaning products that won’t damage your commercial space.

Don’t use corrosive chemicals on aluminium surfaces, stainless steel appliances or metal fixtures and fittings. Avoid drying with paper towels as they leave behind tiny particles of dust that will later settle onto other surfaces. Instead of using harsh chemicals when waxing floors, commercial cleaners can provide you with a soft wax that is safe for commercial use.

Have a plan of attack

It is essential to have a plan of attack for commercial cleaners. The team members should work together and divide the tasks among themselves to finish faster without wasting any time.

Each member must be assigned specific areas or zones so that their efforts are focused on one particular area, which results in better productivity. A few examples of commercial cleaning tasks are carpet shampooing, grout re-sealing and commercial window washing.

Tackle one room at a time.

It would be best if you did not focus on the entire commercial space at once. It is advisable to start with one room and finish it before moving onto another area so that you can go back if anything goes wrong during cleaning or if there are any problems in shifting your equipment from one point to another. So you can clean your commercial and office space one room at a time.

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Start from the top

You should start your commercial cleaning tasks by first locating all possible high traffic areas in that particular commercial area so you can clean them appropriately and remove any dirt or grime easily. Once this step is completed, it becomes easy for you to move towards other sections of the commercial office space.

For commercial cleaning, start from the top of your commercial building and work downwards so that you don’t have to waste time going back again. The floors are usually one of the most neglected areas in a commercial area but can be some of the dirtiest. So it is significant for commercial office cleaners to be aware of all commercial office areas they are supposed to clean.

Clean your bathroom every day.

Poorly maintained bathrooms can lead to a lot of health problems. Ensure that you have your cleaners clean the bathroom every day so that there are no foul odours or any growths in there. These may include mould and mildew, which is one of the most common causes of allergies these days.

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Wipe down shower walls

The next thing you need to do is ensure that the shower walls are wiped down every day. This ensures all soap scum and hair from your showers are cleaned off, so it does not get on to other areas of the room or bathroom where people have a higher chance of getting affected by them.

Remove the shower liner.

You must remove your shower liner regularly. This will help prevent any future problems with mildew or mould build-up inside of it, which can also lead to health issues for people using it frequently.

Clean out drains and faucets

It would help if you cleaned out your drains and faucets regularly. If you have any problems with them being clogged, this can lead to more severe issues that will require the attention of professionals for their removal.

Sweep or vacuum the floor at least once a week 

It would help if you were sweeping or vacuuming the floor at least once a week. This will help to ensure that you can remove any particles of dirt, dust and other debris accumulated over time.

It would help if you also were vacuuming or sweeping under the furniture at least once a week as well. If you do not, this can cause problems for those who are trying to move them because they will get stuck on something in the way.

Why you should always wear gloves when cleaning

You should always wear gloves when cleaning because they help prevent you from getting a chemical burn or an infection.

Additionally, if there is something that cannot remove with chemicals, then it might need to be scraped off with a different tool instead of your hands which means that the risk for bacteria entering through cuts and scraps is increased.

Contact a commercial or office cleaners now.

If you want to know more about it, they have been serving Cleaning Newcastle and the surrounding areas for a year, so they know their stuff when it comes to cleaning. The staff members are fully trained in professional commercial or office cleaning methods and how to provide you with a first-class service.

This means that you can trust them to provide a thorough and efficient clean for your business, ensuring that the office is pleasant for everyone who visits it or works in it.

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