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The best ways to keep your home clean

No one wants to live in a dirty house. But who has time to clean? Luckily, there are many cleaning companies and services that can help you out! This blog post compiled by Newcastle Cleaners will give you 11 tips for keeping your home squeaky clean.

Setting up a routine

Doing a little cleaning every day will go much further than doing all the cleaning in one big chunk. Set aside some time for yourself or your family to clean up everything weekly or even daily.

Maintaining your home

If you have pets or kids, this may be a bit harder. But maintaining the cleanliness of rooms with these factors in mind will help keep your house looking great all year round! With that being said, if there is an accident, don’t fret – it’s no big deal! Just make sure you either clean it up right away or remove the stain with a towel to avoid permanent damage.

Cleaning with baking soda and vinegar

Cleaning with baking soda and vinegar is a great way to remove stains from your carpet. This will also leave the room smelling fresh!

Instead of using harsh chemicals, try mixing baking soda and lemon juice to create a paste that can apply directly on kitchen countertops or any other surface in the home that needs extra attention.

Removing odours

Cleaning with bleach can help eliminate unpleasant smells in your house. Of course, you do not want to mix chlorine bleach with other cleaning products or even ammonia because this combination produces dangerous fumes that could make anyone sick if inhaled.

This mixture should only be used when needed for severe cases of grime buildup in hard-to-reach places like bathtubs, showers and toilets. Also, keep in mind that these harsh chemicals are harmful to pets and children, so it’s crucial to ensure they’re out of harm’s way during any primary clean up job throughout the home, especially around areas where these chemicals are used.

Once you’ve let it settle for about 15 minutes, wipe it down with an old rag or sponge before rinsing it off with water; the results will leave your house smelling fresh without having to worry about harmful fumes all around – making everyone happy!

Knowing the right products to use is

One thing but being able to give your home that sparkling clean feeling is another. Make sure you’re using the right tools for the job before even attempting any major cleaning jobs around the house – especially if it involves a lot of hard work!

Compressed air works wonders when removing dust from electronic appliances like computers or television screens; spray aerosol can flow directly onto the screen and wipe with a cloth until the dirt comes off easily. This will remove all debris without damaging any sensitive parts of electronics located in homes throughout Newcastle.

Using these simple methods will make your home look fantastic and ensure everyone’s health isn’t at risk during these kinds of projects, which makes them perfect for busy working professionals or students alike.

Vacuum all carpets – from top to bottom

Place a drop cloth on a work surface and remove objects that can remove with just one touch of the dustpan. Then use a vacuum cleaner, going over cracks and crevices several times. Once done, take off the cloth and throw it away for good measure.

Utilize paper towels to clean houseplants. If you are cleaning more than one plant, make sure the towels are in different colours, so it is easy to tell when they need replacing. You can also use these same steps when cleaning doorknobs, light switches or any other household fixtures that aren’t frequently used by human hands.

Wipe down walls using soap & water solution, and then dry them thoroughly before putting back your pictures/decorations.

Wipe down kitchen appliances with a damp cloth 

Cleaning your oven can be quite a daunting task, but if done regularly will save more time than doing once every six months. Before starting, make sure you turn on the appliance fan so as not to suffocate yourself by breathing odours emitted from food leftovers burning inside the oven cavity.

Give the inside of your microwave an extra deep clean by placing a bowl filled with lemon rinds and water in it, microwave for five minutes, allowing the steam to loosen any grime buildup on its walls. After this time has passed, wipe your microwave clean with dish soap and hot water.

Clean up after yourself

Don’t leave dishes in the sink or dirty clothes lying around. Put trash in the can and recycling in its place. Make sure to wipe off the counters after cooking or eating. Clean as you go! Cleaning up little by little will make cleaning the whole house a breeze. Spray your shower to avoid soap scum from building up before you get it; this prevents it from sticking to surfaces and makes clean-up easier.

Sweep and mop floors, especially if you have wood or tile flooring, can be damaged by food particles that will get stuck in between cracks.

Clean your toilet and sink

Cleaning your toilet and sink might seem like an unpleasant task, but it can be pretty simple. Cleaning your toilet is as easy as pouring a cup of bleach into the bowl and letting it sit for 15 minutes without flushing. After this time has passed, use a brush to scrub down inside the waterline of the bowl where waste builds up quickly.

Clean your sink by using a solution of dish soap and water. Cleaning these two areas will ensure that they are not emitting odours or harbouring germs.

Call a Professional Cleaning Services Today.

It would be best if you had any assistance in your home. Call a professional house cleaning service today, and let them take the load off of you while they help ensure that your house is sparkling for visitors or family members!

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