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Nobbys Beach

About Nobbys Beach

Have you ever been to Nobbys Beach? It’s the northern point of Bathers Way and is awaiting your exploration. From Newcastle Beach stop, take a trip on the Light Rail or explore by car with parking available onsite! As soon as you make it there, look beyond its iconic lighthouse for an amazing view: be sure to keep watch in case coal ships are being ushered into the harbour accompanied by hardworking tug boats – making this destination one worth exploring.

For those searching for the perfect spot to spend a sunny day, Nobbys Beach is an excellent destination. Located in Newcastle and boasting both beach access on one side of the street and a public recreational area with barbecue facilities on the other—not to mention coffee, cakes, as well as fish, chips or burgers from its kiosk! Its iconic lighthouse provides spectacular scenery when walking along its break-wall towards Bathers Way walk at its northern point. Easily reachable by taking Light Rail to the ‘Newcastle Beach’ stop or parking available directly onto the site – this easy option should not be missed out on while visiting Sydney’s beautiful surrounds!

Nobbys Beach

What to do at Nobbys Beach

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of life at Nobbys Beach, Newcastle’s most popular spot for swimming in its crystal-clear waters. Visitors can soak up some sun on the sand or have fun together as a family with plenty to do around them – grab lunch from one of many local kiosks and use barbecue facilities for an afternoon cookout! Even better, keep your eyes peeled; you might just catch dolphins joining in on all the beachy fun!

Nobbys Beach offers a unique experience to visitors looking for stunning scenery and maritime wonders. Take the Light Rail from Newcastle or drive onsite, then enjoy walking along the iconic break-wall beneath a historic lighthouse – you may even catch sight of tug boats manoeuvering one of Newcastle’s coal ships into port! Bathers Way is just around the corner too, making this coastal strip a must-see destination full of breathtaking views.

Beach- Nobbys

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